R1 Coatings® Pro Faq




Is R1 Coatings® Pro safe for my paint or clear coat?

Yes! R1 Coatings® Pro is formulated to be safe on almost all hard surfaces including your paint, clear coat, hard plastics and metals such as steel, chrome and more.

Does R1 Coatings® Pro fade, crack, yellow or peel?

R1 Coatings® Pro will not fade, crack, yellow or peel over time.

Can R1 Coatings® Pro be used on other surfaces of my vehicle?

Yes, R1 Coatings® Pro can be used on any hard surface on your vehicle.

Will R1 Coatings® Pro protect my vehicle from scratches?

R1 Coatings® Pro will help protect your vehicle from light abrasions and swirl marks. R1 Coatings® Pro cures to 9H hardness which is much more protective than your clear coat alone or any wax or sealant.

Will R1 Coatings® Pro protect my vehicle from rock chips?

R1 Coatings® Pro will add some resistance from impacts that can cause rock chips but it can still get rock chips from larger rocks and high speed impacts.

Can R1 Coatings® Pro be applied to vinyl/wraps?

Yes, R1 Coatings® Pro will protect your vinyl from spills, stains, UV rays and more!

Can R1 Coatings® Pro be applied to my windows/windshield?

Yes! R1 Coatings® Pro is completely versatile and goes on clear.

Can R1 Coatings® Pro be applied to metal surfaces on my vehicle?

Yes! R1 Coatings® Pro does an excellent job on chrome and other metals making it great for use on motorcycles, metal trim areas such as bumpers, exhaust and more!

How long will R1 Coatings® Pro last?

There are many factors that determine the lifetime of your coating such as your region’s weather climate and seasonal harshness, how you drive and store the vehicle, and other factors. In general, R1 Coatings® Pro is a 5-7 year coating.

Can R1 Coatings® Pro be used on my wheels (Rims)?

Yes, R1 Coatings® Pro is great on wheels and will help reduce brake dust and make the wheels much easier to clean.

Can I apply R1 Coatings® Pro to my own vehicle?

No, R1 Coatings® Pro is only available through approved applicators.

My car has scratches and other pre-existing paint damage. Can R1 Coatings® Pro be applied over this?

Your R1 Coatings® Pro Approved Applicator can perform a paint correction to remove existing scratches before applying the coating. All paint correction services should be done prior to applying R1 Coatings® Pro.

What is the application process and how long does it take?

Application of R1 Coatings® Pro will take between 1-5 days depending on the condition of your paint and the additional corrective services you may require prior to application. The first thing your R1 Coatings® Pro Approved Applicator will do is wash and prep the vehicle. Then they will perform any corrective services your vehicle may need. Once the paint has been restored to the best condition possible then application of R1 Coatings® Pro can begin.

How long does R1 Coatings® Pro need to cure?

The curing time of R1 Coatings® Pro is about 24 hours.



What do I need to maintain my R1 Coatings® Pro coating?

The only thing you need is water and mild soap to wash your vehicle. We recommend that those with R1 Coatings® Pro applied use R1 Coatings® Revive every so often to enhance the coating as they desire, but it is not a required product.

Do I need to use wax or sealants after R1 Coatings® Pro is applied?

Once R1 Coatings® Pro is applied to your vehicle you’ll never have to wax again. You can simply wash your vehicle as you prefer and periodically to enhance your coating you can apply R1 Coatings® Revive to restore the hydrophobicity and shine to your vehicle.

Does R1 Coatings® Pro require regular servicing?

No. You can still have your R1 Coatings® Pro Approved Applicator detail your vehicle regularly and apply R1 Coatings® Revive as you desire but there is no required maintenance needed.