Why R1?



R1 Ceramic Coatings

Makes Your Vehicles Easier To Clean

Ceramic Coatings Have Hydrophobic Properties

With the water-beading effect that R-1 ceramic coatings provide, you can watch beads of water race right off your ceramic coated vehicle. With a properly coated vehicle, you can reduce unwanted water streaks and hard water spots that require cleaning to get rid of. You will also enjoy the added bonus of your vehicle needing a wash less frequently.

R1 Coatings® Pro Protects For Years

Get Lasting Vehicle Protection

Professionally applied R1 Coatings® Pro beats traditional waxes and sealants by a mile. Once you ceramic coat a car, you'll never go back! By creating a strong bond to your vehicle’s surface, R1 Coatings® Pro creates a protective layer against UV rays, bird droppings, bugs, light abrasions and other environmental contaminants.

You'll Never Have To Wax Your Vehicle Again!

Traditional car waxes and paint sealants wear off with washing and exposure to the elements, often needing to be re-applied after weeks or months. With automotive ceramic coating service from White Glove Detailers in Charleston, SC, you will enjoy years of protection and shine saving you both time and money!

Get Protection That Lasts

R1 COATINGS® Pro Benefits

The grades are in! Compare the benefits of R1 Coatings® Pro versus traditional waxes and sealants:

R1 Coatings
Protection Benefits R1 Coatings® Pro Waxes Sealants
9H Hardness A    
UV Protection A   C
Oxidation Resistance A   D
Corrosion Resistance A   F
Stain Resistance A F D
Light Scratch & Scuff Resistance A    
Durability A F D
Deep Glossy Shine A C C
The Proof Is In The Protection

R1 Coatings™ Pro Benefits

R1 Coatings PRO


Formulated to offer an unsurpassed protection layer your vehicle needs.



Protects with extreme hardness for an additional layer of abrasion resistance.



Protects from UV damage, acid rain, bird droppings, dirt, and grime.



Twice as hydrophobic as traditional wax, which reduces time spent drying.



Withstands heat up to 1,800°C.



Works amazing on wheels, paint, glass, trim, metals, plastics, and more.

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